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Quotes by Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda -- Chilean poet, diplomat, and politician who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. Neruda was perhaps the most important Latin-American poet of the 20th century, and penned some of the most tender, sensuous, melancholy, erotic and passionate love poetry one will ever read.

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  • ...How many works of art...There's not enough room in the world for them any more...They have to bang outside the rooms...How many books...How many little books...Who can read them all...? If they were food...if, during a wave of great hunger, we tossed a salad, cut them up, poured some dressing on them...We've had it...We're fed up...The world is drowning in a flood tide of books...
  • Oh, the land
    of nights
    we have never lived:
    meadows where
    we were a flicker
    of movement on the road,
    something running,
    through the shadow...

    from Ode to a Sleeping House

  • I cannot measure the road
    which may have had no country,
    or that truth which changed,
    which the day perhaps subdued
    to become a wandering light
    like a firefly in the dark.

    from Memory

  • Where is the child I was,
    still inside me or gone?
  • When love like a huge wave
    carried us, crashed us against the boulder,
    it milled us into a single flour.

    from Sonnet LXI

  • It comes on like a flower from the earth
    advancing with decisive aroma
    up to the magnitude of the magnolia;
    but this flower from the depths already burst
    brings along all the light ever abolished,
    all the branches that never burned
    and all the spring-source of whiteness.

    from The Wave

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