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Quotes by Theodor Adorno

Theodor Adorno, 1903-1969. German Marxist philosopher, sociologist, and musicologist. Born Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund in Frankfurt, he studied philosophy and music at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. In 1934, to escape Nazi Germany, he moved to England and began identifying himself by his mother's maiden name, Adorno. He became known for his articles applying Marxist concepts to philosophy and music, and he stressed the centrality of class divisions in modern societies. His books include Minima Moralia: Reflections from Damaged Life (1951), Jargon of Authenticity (1964), and Negative Dialectics (1966).

  • Advice to intellectuals: let no-one represent you.
  • Because thought has by now been perverted into the solving of assigned problems, even what is not assigned is processed like a problem.
  • Every work of art is an uncommitted crime.
  • For a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live.
  • Happiness is obsolete: uneconomic.
  • He who stands aloof runs the risk of believing himself better than others and misusing his critique of society as an ideology for his private interest.
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